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Beerchain [BEER] is a PoS Cryptocurrency based on Mchain

Create Smart Contracts, ICO's, Security Tokens, Stable Coins, Dapps in the BeerChain

About BeerChain

BeerChain was created by a group of friends with common interests: we like Beer, Tech, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

Therefore, we decided to Create a Cryptocurrency where Blockchain Enthusiasts around the World, like us, can create Decentralized Apps, Stable Coins, Security Tokens and much more in to a Scalable, Fast and Decentralized Blockchain.

Here is how BeerChain Born, the Ethereum Killer, 100% Decentralized and Unalterable.

Welcome to the Decentralized Revolution, Web 3.0 is already here.


BeerChain Specifications



- Initial. Supply: 210.000.000
- Max. Supply:
- POS 3.0, Algo SHA256 POS


- 30 Seconds between Blocks.
- 1500 Beer Reward per Block (3000 BEER per Minute).
- Every 30 Seconds a singles Miner takes the Reward.
- Halving each 3 years. Each Halving will reduce Block Reward by 50%.

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BeerChain Roadmap


BeerChain born as BeerToken, a Token created in the Mchain, after months of development with Mchain Developers, the Mainnet was launched, and Team renamed it to Beerchain creating a new Blockchain where Developers around the world can create Dapps.beerchain

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